The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain, The adventures of Tom Sawyer, Burlington Books


Portada The Adventures of Tom SawyerSUMMARY:

Tom Sawyer is a book based on a true history. It tells the adventures of Tom, a boy who likes playing jokes on other people with his friends. He lives with his aunt Polly and his brother Sid along the Mississippi river. They are basically poor. We say that because they live without many material things. He has also many friends like Huckleberry Finn and Joe. In the book, many adventures take place, like that in which they go out to discover things on an island close to the village or when they go to the hill with Becky.


We think it´s quite an amusing novel, mainly in the passages about adventures, though we find others hard to read and even nonsense.


ASSESMENT: We give it a rating of 7/10 because any person from 10 to any age could understand it but they couldn´t if the boy/girl were younger.

RECOMMENDATION: It is a compulsory reading in Secondary Education Second Year, but you can read it if you just like the stories of old adventures in English. This book is also a bit adapted because it doesn´t tell everything. e.g All the discussions between Tom and his aunt.


Libro (Encuadernación Tapa blanda,  37 páginas) 6.45 €

AUTORES: Lucía Arias y Darío Gómez. Alumnos de 2ºESO


Lucía y Darío han comentado el libro de Mark Twain. Si queréis acompañar la lectura de cada capítulo con un buen acento inglés, pinchad en

Para leer el libro entero en inglés Libro

Si lo preferís en español 

De esta novela, escrita en 1876, ha habido numerosas versiones cinematográficas, la más reciente de 2012. ¡fijaos qué tirón tiene la historia de Tom! Ahora os dejo con una adaptación de ¡1917! En este caso casi se podría hablar de arqueología cinematográfica: en blanco y negro, muda, con acompañamiento musical de calidad… ¡A ver qué os parece!


Y si tenéis tiempo, entreteneos, palomitas en mano, con esta otra versión  estrenada en 1938,  en la que las travesuras, la picaresca y la nobleza del protagonista encandilan por igual a los espectadores por su candidez.


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9 pensamientos en “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

  1. Cándido Cantalejo

    I like a lot this book because it is very exciting and it has very funny characters.
    I’ll give it 9 over 10 points.

  2. Kiril Valchinov

    I enjoy reading this book because I read it in Spanish and I know the things that are going to happen. It’s easy to read it and the book is interesting.

  3. Maria del Rio

    I like this book becouse it’s easy to read and it has a lot of accion. Also I like that because Tom is very clever and play some jocks to his frieds. I recomend this book to all the people that like the adventures as in english as spanish.

  4. Andrea

    In my opinion this book is really good, because there is action and adventures with funny characters. If i have to choose one of them, I would say Tom, because he is very clever and he knows how to do in every moment and also he likes play tricks on people. I give to this book 9 over 10.

  5. Diego

    I really enjoyed reading this book because it has very amusing chapters and also has very several characters, but my favorite character in the book is Tom Sawyer because it’s smart and funny. I’ll give it 8 over 10 points.

  6. fernando

    I like this book because it has very funny scenes and my favourite character is Tom Sawyer,he is naughty, but also he is clever. I will give it 8.5 over 10.

  7. Manuel Monsalvo

    I think that it is an amusing book. My favourite part is when Tom Sawer tricked his friends to paint the fence, it is very funny. This is the best book in english that I have read. I give it 10 points.

  8. I think it is a good book but the original is much better!

  9. its very good

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