A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, Burlington Books


Portada A Christmas Carol Burlington BooksSUMMARY:

It´s Christmas Eve in London but mean, old Ebenezer Scrooge ins´t celebrating. In his opinion, Christmas is “a waste of time and money”. That night, he has a strange experience: four ghosts visit Scrooge and show him his past, present and future. Gradually, Scrooge begins to understand that he has to change.


We think that this book is amazing, because it teaches us how we can change with people´s help. It also has a different point of view: the view of a mean old man that hates Christmas. It´s easy to read because it is a mixture of narrative and dialogue. There are several secondary characters but the main ones are Scrooge and the three ghosts: one from the past, another one from the present and the third one from the future.


ASSESMENT: We give this book 9 points.

RECOMMENDATION: We like this book and recommend it to people aged 13 and older.


Libro (Encuadernación Tapa blanda,  37 páginas) 6.45 €

AUTORAS: Andrea Calvillo y María del Río. Alumnas de 2ºESO


Si queréis acompañar la lectura del libro, que acaban de comentar Andrea y María, con una guía capítulo a capítulo, pinchad en

Para leer el libro entero en inglés Libro

Si lo preferís en español 


Ahora os dejo con una versión cinematográfica de 1999 de la obra de DickensA Christmas Carol» . Está en versión original con subtítulos en español. ¡Hala, para seguir practicando!



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8 pensamientos en “A Christmas Carol

  1. Miguel Herrero

    In my opinion, I would say this book is really interesting because while you are reading it, you can notice that the character is changing step by step his way of think. I will give it 8 points over 10.

  2. Kiril Valchinov

    I think that this book is interesant and how Mr.Scrooge change. It’s easy to read it and the words are simple.

  3. Darío Gómez

    This book in my opinion is very good because, as Miguel says, you can notice that Mr Scrooge are changing along the whole story. Also I have to say that I could read this book many times and dont feel bored with it. I give it 10 points of 10.

  4. Manuel

    I think that it is an interesting book. This book teach that if you do good actions, you feel good. At first Mr. Scrooge was bad and selfish but after the visits of the three ghosts, he became a good and a generous person. I recomend this book to people from 1ª E.S.O. because it has not got a lot of vocabulary.

  5. Lucía

    The book is good, I ike the topic or Chistmas and I also like the change that Mr Scrooge changes. The message that tells to us is that you have to be kind, because money don´t pass a way with you, so is more important friends in live that money

  6. Judith

    I read this book a few years ago and I liked it very much. I think it is the perfect book for those who are interested in learning English, and I would like to encourage young students to read more books in this language.

  7. Óscar

    I like this book, but I think it’s better to read the original version beacause this is a very short summary.

  8. Lucas

    I liked this book however I thought it was seriously short and extremely basic. There are important facts from the original book that are not included in this adaption and I think that’s what it’s missing. In summary, the original content is good but it took me less then five mins. to read this.

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