Ferdinand and Isabella

Basket, Simon (2013) Ferdinand and Isabella, Oxford


Portada Ferdinand and IsabellaSUMMARY:

It is an historical essay about the Spanish culture of the 15th century. It tells the life of Isabella of Castile and Fernando II of Aragon from their childhood to their death, including the number of children they had, the problems they faced, among others lakie the way Isabella became queen with the help of some nobles. In this book, we have learnt why the wedding of Ferdinand and Isabella was so unusual, and why they were granted the title of “Catholic Monarchs”. The book also adresses foreign affairs they dealt with, like the alliances they set up with other European kingdoms in order to isolate France, such as abundant information about their greatest achievement: the discovery of America.


Personally, we think that it is a very interesting book about Spanish culture. We think that all Spanish people should know how the life of Isabella I of Castile was as she is probably our most outstanding historical character and played a main role in some events.

In our opinion this book is a bit difficult to understand. My partner and I have had to read each chapter twice.


ASSESMENT: We give this book 9 points.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend this book it to people aged 13 and older.

Libro (Encuadernación Tapa blanda, 83 páginas) 8.90 €

AUTORES: María Hernán y Manuel Monsalvo. Alumnos de 2ºESO

Un vídeo de tres minutos nos explica, en inglés (of course!), quiénes son los RRCC.

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7 pensamientos en “Ferdinand and Isabella

  1. Cándido Cantalejo

    I like a lot this book because it tells you the story of Ferdinand and Isabella in a funny way. It relates the achievements of the Catholic Monarchs their daily life, ambitions. I’ll give it 9 over 10 points.

  2. Miguel Herrero

    In my opinion, these book seemed to me a really good recopilation of all the important greet deeds, the catholic monarchs did. Besides, it is a good chance to read an English book which it´s adapted to 2º of ESO´s level. It also brings an audio to read the book to use it while you are reading it and understand it in a better way. Finally, this book is very interesting, and over all the pictures are very funny.

  3. Rodrigo Álvarez Salamanca

    I think that this book was really well writen. It tells you a lot of information but in a fun and very creative way. It also has a cheap price. 8 out of 10.

  4. Darío Gómez

    The book is very funny and it also is very interesting because its tells the whole history of the Catholic Monarchs in Spain with a little quantity of funny. I like also that the things are told very good and very organized.
    I gave it 9 out of 10.

  5. Maria del Rio

    I don´t like it so much, because I don´t understand very well the contest. However I think that this book would be better for people that like more the history of Spain. I give 7 out of 10.

  6. Óscar 2A

    I am reading this book for social sciences class , and I think it shows us another point of view about the history, I actally like it!Thanks for doing it!

  7. Victor Teso

    For me the book is funny, in some parts you think «oh god that’s stupid but funny». Apart from the funny part it’s inte4resting because it tells you a little part of the spanish history but a bit modificated to be funny
    I give 8 out of 10

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