The Martian

Andy Weir (2014) The Martian, Nova


The martian portadaSUMMARY:

The Martian is set in a very near future, even nearer now with the first Mars mission being planned. A group of astronauts are located on Mars, where they are part of the third Mars mission, codenamed Ares III. Everything seems to be going well until an unexpected storm hits their compound and they are forced to leave, fearing their shuttle could be tilted over. However, on their way to the ship, a piece of an antenna is ripped off and crushes into botanist and engineer Mark Watney. The crew´s captain tries to save him, but ends up having to leave with the rest of the crew, much to her grief. One day later, against all odds, Mark gains consciousness. He had miraculously survived, but is now stranded on a barren planet. He will use all his wits and his never ending flow of ideas to keep himself alive until he can be saved. On his side will be millions worth of NASA equipment, less than 200 days’ supply of food, potatoes, 70s TV shows and tons and tons of disco. He is basically doomed.


The Martian is written by Andy Weir and tells the thrilling story of astronaut Mark Watney.

I absolutely loved this book, even more than the film, which I thought impossible. This book has surprisingly affected my life in a big waThe Martian portada 2015y, as it has made me start to love science. The book is filled with realistic scientific problems which the brainy problem solver Mark will solve, much to the delight of the reader. It manages to give advanced scientific explanations without boring or losing the reader. If you have already seen the film, fear not, as there appear many more challenges and feats for Mark to accomplish that do not occur in the film. Now, to probably the best part of the book by far. It is absolutely, hilariously funny.

This book will have you nearly continuously laughing, you will never stop smiling and it will always lighten your mood. It beautifully blends humour and the seriousness of the situation. Not only will you love Mark´s personality, but you will also admire and laugh along with the brilliant and nerdy NASA scientists. This book is all a reader could want and I cannot recommend it enough. It mixes science, space exploration, humour, good characters, well written plot and adventure. One of my highlights of the year.

ASSESMENT: I give it: 10/10 points.

Fotograma película The Martian con Matt DamonRECOMMENDATIONThe Martian is best known for the 2015 Ridley Scott hit that came out in October and received great critical acclaim, starring Matt Damon. When I first thought about reading this book I was very sceptical as I was one of those who had loved the film and I could not get into my head the idea of it being a book. It came into my hands as a Christmas present from a friend of mine. I decided to give it a go, thinking it would not be any good, and, boy, was I wrong.

Libro (Encuadernación Tapa blanda, 383 páginas) 11 €

AUTOR: Óscar William Matthews Martínez.  Alumno de 3ºESO

En “The Washington Post” se publicó, en mayo del año pasado, una entrevista al autor muy interesante, os la recomiendo. Y el periódico “La razón“, en su sección de cultura, también se hizo eco de esta publicación.

Además, os animo a leer los primeros capítulos de esta novela de ciencia ficción en este Icono lectura . La editorial que publica la obra en español, Ediciones B, nos lo ha facilitado. ¡Animo!

Y, en versión original, también Icono con flecha

Para mayor ambientación, un vídeo donde Andy Weir conversa sobre su novela con Adam Savage en su programa “The Talking Room”:

Los viajes al espacio siempre han atraído al hombre, cómo no a la industria cinematográfica. Para finalizar, os dejo con el tráiler de la película en la que el astronauta Mark Watney es interpretado por el apuesto y taquillero Matt Damon

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