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Ferdinand and Isabella

Basket, Simon (2013) Ferdinand and Isabella, Oxford


Portada Ferdinand and IsabellaSUMMARY:

It is an historical essay about the Spanish culture of the 15th century. It tells the life of Isabella of Castile and Fernando II of Aragon from their childhood to their death, including the number of children they had, the problems they faced, among others lakie the way Isabella became queen with the help of some nobles. In this book, we have learnt why the wedding of Ferdinand and Isabella was so unusual, and why they were granted the title of “Catholic Monarchs”. The book also adresses foreign affairs they dealt with, like the alliances they set up with other European kingdoms in order to isolate France, such as abundant information about their greatest achievement: the discovery of America.


Personally, we think that it is a very interesting book about Spanish culture. We think that all Spanish people should know how the life of Isabella I of Castile was as she is probably our most outstanding historical character and played a main role in some events.

In our opinion this book is a bit difficult to understand. My partner and I have had to read each chapter twice.


ASSESMENT: We give this book 9 points.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend this book it to people aged 13 and older.

Libro (Encuadernación Tapa blanda, 83 páginas) 8.90 €

AUTORES: María Hernán y Manuel Monsalvo. Alumnos de 2ºESO

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